October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

An exciting initiative is sweeping around the globe today, so this is my microscopic contribution to Blog Action Day. I'm not very adept at summoning up pithy opinions about global issues on the spot, but I am well-practised at wittering, as you might expect. So in honour of this project, my chosen topic today will be ... frogs.
That subject popped into my head just now, probably because on today's bushwalk I stopped to catch my breath and let my dog have a drink from a nearby pool, and we were both briefly absorbed in watching the tadpoles zooming about. I have also been toying with the idea of creating a frog-friendly section of my garden since I visited the Environmental Display at the Perth Royal Show 2 weekends ago.

I have to find out more about suitable species, but I'm hoping the rather entertaining Motorbike Frog is one that might be OK for my area. You can listen to its eponymous call here.

To finish this environmental-themed post, here's a pretty wildflower photo I took recently. We need frogs and wildflowers. Please help look after them. :-)


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