September 13, 2012

Farewell My Friend

Bye-bye Thika. You didn't quite make it to 12 years of age, but you gave me many times more than 12 years of love, laughter and loyalty. Not to mention a life-long battle of wills.

Thank you for sharing my life, my bed, my walks, my couch, my dinner, my tears and my joys. Thank you for being hilariously imperious and being able to give A Look which even non-dog people could recognise.

Thank you for bringing joy to others with your dear puppies, and for giving Mukela an everlasting hope that you might come back into season one day.

You will meet many relatives at the Rainbow Bridge, including your sister who went just a couple of days ago.

But the biggest, loudest, most joyful reunion will be with your great-grandma Mzuri - your teacher, your pal, your puppy-washer and so often your pillow. How much, how very very much do I hope to see you together again.
Thika (L) as a youngster with Mzuri (R)


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