December 16, 2012

Life Balance Sheet for 2012


  • the unexpected recovery of a friend from a near-terminal illness
  • the graduation of all the medical students I taught 3 years ago - a very proud moment
  • taking the first steps towards a relationship with long-lost nieces
  • the discovery that casual acquaintances with similar interests can provide even more comfort in times of  great sadness than friends with different interests


  • the unexpected deaths of one dear dog and two dear friends
  • the unexpected and abrupt termination of a 30-year close friendship
  • the end of an immensely satisfying 4 years of teaching medical students
  • the discovery that unsolicited appreciation seems to be out of style

Outlook for 2013

  • an essential change of direction in personal life and employment
  • details as yet unknown, but hopes are high for a far better year all round, and a full box of crayons ...

I'll be watching this space.


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