April 06, 2006

Go milk!

I was very amused to see that a recent study comparing chocolate milk and so-called "energy" drinks is still considered "news" more than 6 weeks since it was first published. Not only is this an interesting comment on what really matters to us (or at least what the media considers really matters to us), but it is also a personal vindication. I have long believed that we are getting too smart for our own good when it comes to analysing what we eat and drink. I frequently tell my patients (usually without being asked) that there is absolutely no need to waste money on vitamins, supplements, tonics, and all manner of other artificial concoctions, when these same "nutrients" (to use the term loosely) are found in cheaper, tastier and more natural form in ordinary food.
Of course there are those who have conditions or diseases which make it difficult or impossible for them to get sufficient nourishment without supplementing their diet, but for most of us, a sensible diet is all that is required.

If you are physically active, whether for work or recreation, you will need to eat more to maintain health and energy. If you are a sedentary person, for whatever reason, you will not need as much to eat.
This is not rocket science.

We are slaves to the marketing industry, who persuade us that we "need" all these products to keep us healthy, lengthen our lives, increase our energy, and no doubt improve our relationships and increase our wealth. It is complete twaddle, and it makes me cross to see people spend their limited resources on these things instead of a better quality cut of meat, or fresher fish, or organic vegetables.

Let's ignore the plaintive self-interested bleats of the "sports drink" manufacturers who protest that it was a small study. It was indeed, but it obviously caught people's interest, to judge by the prolonged media coverage. I say "Three Cheers" for the dairy farmers of the world and I salute them with a glass of their finest!

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