August 14, 2007

How to Keep Calm About the Greenhouse Effect

Perhaps you have managed to avoid all the news stories, TV documentaries, scientific explanations and political waffle about greenhouse gases and climate change.
Or perhaps you have seen and heard so much about it that you just want to scream "Yes I get it! We are all going to die! Now shut up, OK??"
Or are you a dedicated seeker of knowledge who tries to keep up to date with all the claims and counter claims?

If you are one of the second or third groups, I have something soothing/interesting (respectively) to show you. (Anyone in the first group will not have read this far.)

As I have mentioned before, a friend of mine writes a scientific blog about climate change, and because he actually knows what he's talking about, I usually don't. But a recent post made sense even to me, because it used the sort of analogy I can follow: "Do Greenhouse Gases Act As Blankets?" .
Even if you don't read the article, do watch the movie of the "experiment", because it is very peaceful, and something we can each verify for ourselves at home, or use to impress any easily awed friends.

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