October 04, 2008

ODP/DMOZ lives!

To quote a famous Australian poet:
"There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around "
A post has been made in the Official ODP Blog, after a worrying 4 month silence broken only by the clamour of spammers using the unmoderated comments to promote their worthless sites.  This was a very poor indication of the interest shown by AOL in the volunteer-edited directory which Google used to recommend to webmasters.

However, to misquote a slightly less famous person
"They like us. They really like us!"
Not only did they acknowledge the work done by so many volunteers in building up the impressively extensive non-English part of the directory, but they alluded once again to exciting changes which are still "just around the corner" 
..... as indeed they were in March, 
........... and confirmed by the Editor-in-Chief at the birthday celebrations in June.

Yes I'm afraid I have to admit that when it comes to guesstimating the completion date of long-promised improvements, AOL sounds like it's relying on council workers. ;-)



Anonymous said...

Nice joke about the council workers:

"Two workers moving slowly along the road.
One digging holes and the next one filling them in.
When asked, they explain that the middle one is sick, and he would be planting the trees."

I do hope that you have them in mind :)

Shadow said...

Nice pictures. I think I have seen those guys too. LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are the only one excited because of the new blog post...thet's the sadly result of the "council workers" job.

My mistake- there is one more editor eager to comment on this blog. Probably to check if the comments are moderated?

Anonymous said...

A new staff member all excited to be hired and working on ODP? 2 weeks. 3 max.

Anonymous said...

long live optimism ;)

Seriously though - a year ago I received 2 emails from metas, urging me to return, because things were getting better, good things were just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

How did you get such a good photo of the builders who began work on our house over a year ago? Oops, my mistake ... our builders are speedier.


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