October 21, 2010

Beastly Backstabbing

There are few blows more shocking and painful than the betrayal of a "friend".
Being lied to by someone you trust is one of the most lasting and hurtful of all experiences.

It not only demonstrates one's own poor judgement, but highlights the widespread dishonesty and self-interest that we so often try to overlook.

Today I spent a happy hour or so chatting easily to an old friend, enjoying our shared interests and generally finding pleasure in each other's company.

Or so I thought.
How galling,
how humiliating,
how absolutely infuriating to discover just a few hours later that the conversation was a complete pretence.

This so-called friend had carefully refrained from mentioning a recent promotion that meant my "friendship" was now nothing more than a chance to gather information to my disadvantage.

What a despicable trick.

The deception is all the more distressing because of the years of friendship and trust that were so rapidly and carelessly discarded in the cause of self-glorification.

Loyalty? Honesty?

What a naive fool I am to assume these things are as important to others as they are to me.


KC said...

Now who was that who did this to you?

Unknown said...

The person (and friends) follows this blog, so I can't say (and wouldn't anyway), but as you can guess from the tags this was a bitter blow from a DMOZ "pal". Still hurts, actually, but you live and learn.


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