April 28, 2008

Come in Spinner

To my considerable embarrassment, I've been an unwitting and definitely unwilling catalyst in an email spam campaign, thereby proving the veracity of all those wise-after-the-event sayings such as "curiosity killed the cat", "there's one born every minute", and "hahaha you idiot".
The title of this entry  is a distinctly Australian version of these, and ties in neatly with the foregoing post (and an earlier one) about ANZAC Day, when the otherwise illegal gambling game of Two-Up is permitted and indeed considered an integral part of remembering former soldier mates. The "spinner" is the person who flips the coins, and is usually drawn from the eager crowd surrounding a game.

I can't say I've ever actually watched a two-up game, and I certainly don't know the rules, but the derisive expression "Come in Spinner" is one guaranteed to make an Australian feel foolish.  So, my shame-faced apologies go to anyone who recently received what looks like a friendly email invitation from me. It was unintentional, unapproved, and completely impersonal, so please delete it immediately and on no account click any links. 

[Added: Not that I believe in coincidences, but this week is the 30th Anniversary of the first spam email. 30 years. How depressing.]


DeathOwl said...

I received reunion.com spam from two different people today - one of whom is only vaguely connected with me through my girlfriend - so I figured it was odd. I've reported both as spam in gmail :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you! I didn't mention the source of the spam in my post because I didn't want to give the rotters an extra link, but I think people should know who is to blame.

Unknown said...

And thank you to cmic for sending me a link which exposes the whole scam.


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