June 26, 2008

Shiny and New

I have been enjoying myself over the last couple of days by pretending to be a site designer.

As you can see I've changed the template of this blog, after about 3 days of indecision and endless requests to friends along the lines of "Well how about this one then, is that better or worse?". To my considerable surprise, I then proceeded to alter the template itself and included one of my pictures in the banner. (The photo is of a local eucalyptus tree in flower and was taken on one of my bush walks.)

While still basking in the warm glow of self-satisfaction, I decided to start another project I've had in mind for a while, so I've begun building another site about all sorts of people who do not necessarily get the recognition their contributions deserve. A few years ago I created one about volunteer bush firefighters, but there are a great many other groups and individuals who devote their time, expertise, or imagination to make our lives better, and I would like to do my bit to acknowledge them. It is only just a shell at present, but when I have built it up, I will go back to that rather dated bushfire site and jazz it up as well.

Oh there's no stopping me now that I've got the creative bug!


Nathan Johnson said...

Black on brown? Ewww. :-P

I've always liked black on white with blue links. Call me old-fashioned.

robjones said...

Wow Mak. I likey! Looks good, adds some nice functionality too.

Been toying with the idea of finding a better format for mine, but I just haven't found one that can add the features I want without making my everpresent rambling run-on sentences look like each is approximately the length of War and Peace.

Unknown said...

ishtar: it's not "brown", thank you very much. I'll have you know that it's a very trendy and attractive shade called "#dddd99". So there. LOL.
rob: I experimented with "another popular blog provider beginning with W", but I came back to this one because it seems to be made for techno-idiots like me. :-)

phox said...

How's the serenity? *wink*

Unknown said...

LOL phox. I guess my answer has to be BZZTPRRTBZZZZZZZZTTT. :-)

Anonymous said...

You can open a shop, darl :)


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