July 26, 2008

Wanted: Serenity, please, and plenty of it!

Long-suffering readers will no doubt be very relieved to hear that I have finally made up my mind about asking for reinstatement as a volunteer meta/kmeta at ODP/DMOZ. I'm not at all sure that it is the right decision, but like everyone else I am completely fed up with all my interminable dithering, so I basically tossed a coin, as predicted in one of the comments here.

I'm very apprehensive about returning to something which gave me such distress both before and after I left, but I'm afraid I do miss it, and I have received so many supportive messages and sensible advice that it would be very churlish of me not to at least give it a try. 

But I will need to tape the "Serenity Prayer" to my computer screen, with an essential amendment: 
"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change ..."
(or at least the courage to ignore them).

And while I'm waiting for a decision on my request for reinstatement, I think I'll watch one of my favourite movies, which gave "serenity" a whole new meaning. :-)

[Added: ODP management decided it was OK to have me back. Things will certainly not be the same, but that is a Good Thing.]


Anonymous said...

This is the first good news I hear in a very very bad week. Thank you makrhod and welcome back ! :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks kaz. I know what an awful week it has been for you, so your warm words are even more appreciated.

cherel said...

Your guidance and support of newbies, and not-so-new ODP editors, has been greatly appreciated. You've been such a dedicated and conscientious editor in many areas of the Directory. We welcome you back with open arms. Keep up the good work...and keep smiling.

Unknown said...

As a relatively new Editor, I am delighted to get an opportunity to work with you.

Experienced editors such as yourself, are the true backbone of dmoz.


Unknown said...

Heh – it really just was a matter of time :) ODP IS! your calling and where your at your best.
I imagine you come back to a big clean up job – please be gentle with my old category in /health :D

Unknown said...

What kind messages. Thank you! :-)

Nathan Johnson said...


Anonymous said...

Ishtar, I'm almost sure you just violated a copyright held by newwave. Better send him a nickel, I hear his lawyers are fierce.

Shadow said...

Late to the party but Yippee! Glad to see you back!

arindra said...

good to hear you will be back , mak :)
I am sure several newbies would be delighted .


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