August 31, 2008

Down and out

I probably shouldn't be posting here during the tricky "Post-op Blues" period, because anyone who's had a general anaesthetic knows that it can mess with your mood and metabolism for several days. 
As well as the normal post-surgical "bleagh" feeling (a technical term covering pain, tiredness, nausea etc), many people report feeling unaccountably emotional, and patients are advised not to drive, operate machinery or make any important decisions for 2-3 days.

Fortunately my most recent surgery was only about an hour long, and a lot less complicated than the original operation, so although it has set me back a few weeks with regard to wound healing, I'm doing pretty well really. Admittedly, I find I can't get warm without a ridiculous woolly hat (*see below), gloves, scarf and about 6 layers of clothing despite the fine spring weather, and if anyone were rash enough to get between me and chocolate I would kill them without a second's hesitation. Although that's not so unusual. ;-)

But I do know from an unfortunate experience after the first anaesthetic that I will get more easily upset about things than usual, so now is not the time to comment on a couple of conversations I have had today about the frustrations and disappointments which make dedicated and valuable volunteers leave something they care about - in this case, the Open Directory Project
No indeed.
Besides, it's all stuff I have already posted about quite recently, not to mention the analysis I made when I resigned back in April, and I'm certainly not in a hurry to revisit all the distress that caused.

So instead, I will focus my mind on serene thoughts and concentrate on replacing any nasty lingering anaesthetic chemicals with good honest chocolate molecules. 

*And, finally,  in acknowledgment of the above-mentioned (and much-appreciated) woolly hat, here is an exhibition recently visited by a friend: The Alice Springs Beanie Festival.

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