August 15, 2008

Getting the point

Most medical folk know the following quote from "The House of God" by Samuel Shem
There is no body cavity that cannot be reached with a #14 needle and good strong arm
There was, thankfully, no need of arm strength, but today I did meet a large bore needle, because another truism of medicine is that surgeons have two ways of treating patients: stabbing and slicing. Having already been sliced 2 weeks ago, it was inevitable that I would get my turn on the pointy end of a cannula. The lurid details (while undoubtedly fascinating to those of a similarly clinical bent to myself) will be omitted out of respect for the squeamish, but let's just say it was somewhat reminiscent of the visuals which accompanied the first verse of the Beverly Hillbillies' theme song. ;)
The aim was to relieve the prolonged discomfort of the last week, which would be a Very Good Thing. It was also a huge relief to learn that my post-operative complication was not only rare, but was absolutely not caused by my own over-enthusiastic attempts to return to normal activity, as my friends had feared. So I'm innocent! :-)

The other point I got today was that I have slipped even further out of touch during my absence from the Open Directory Project/DMOZ. I have always been determinedly and deliberately inept at political manoeuvering, and it has definitely made life difficult at times, in a large organisation with its fair share of agendas and alliances. However, I have muddled along with a combination of dogged commitment and a genuine enjoyment of the volunteer community. 
It was therefore depressing to realise today that my lack of political expertise might have adverse effects on other people. That is very unfortunate, and it is further proof (if any were needed) that we are in a constant battle of style over substance in all areas of life.


Anonymous said...

RE: I have always been determinedly and deliberately inept at political manoeuvering"...

Oh sure, rub in the fact most of us are just *naturally* inept at it. :-p

Unknown said...

My innate ineptness extends to many areas, but I like to make an extra effort in some, just to show willing.

KC said...

Oh my. Your political skill ought not to hurt you unless you're somehow telling people that I'm a good guy. That'll ruin the ratings right there.


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