August 21, 2008

A sort of tribute from a DMOZ editor

There are many reasons why being a volunteer at ODP/DMOZ can be a worthwhile and enjoyable hobby, but today I once again did something that many experienced editors say gives them the most satisfaction of all: creating an entirely new category by searching for and finding useful sites.  

Sadly, this one was prompted by the death of a young veterinarian in Queensland, but at least now there is a collection of sites which may help those who, like me, knew nothing about the disease which made his death front page news.


jeff said...

Nice post. Category building is something I have really enjoyed in the past. I am inspired to do the same. Thanks!

Unknown said...

You're welcome, and yes, it does take us back to the simple, non-controversial, apolitical pleasures that fuelled our addiction in the early days. ;-)

KC said...

ODP needs a Hand Foot and Mouth Syndrome (coxsackie virus) category too.

Good job finding stuff for this virus I'd never heard of.


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