July 07, 2009

ODP/DMOZ editors are real! (2)

In a recent post I mentioned the thrill of finally meeting a fellow DMOZ/ODP editor for the first time in my many years as a volunteer editor.
Well, I have now met two more, with another meeting planned for the day after tomorrow. I'm delighted to be linking faces and lives to mere nicknames. :-)
Last week I was somewhat embarrassed to accept the generous hospitality of an editor with whom I have had a long, respectful, but often rocky relationship within the directory. And over the weekend I was honoured to meet the whole family of an editor who shares many of my own values and concerns regarding the project on which we spend so much of our time.

Passions often run high among those of us who care a lot about the directory, so perhaps it is not surprising that one of my requests for meeting in person was turned down. Disappointing but understandable. However, I still think many perceived online difficulties can be easily resolved by "real life" meetings.

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