July 14, 2009

ODP/DMOZ Editors are real! (3)

The 4th (and last) editor I met in person during my recent holiday in the UK was also the most "famous", in that his name is far more widely known outside DMOZ/ODP than any other volunteer's - an unexpected downside of using one's real name.
I already knew that what is written about him outside the directory is complete and utter rubbish, but now that I have spent most of a day in his company, I can unhesitatingly say to his detractors that their puerile pronouncements and asinine accusations are not only slanderous but completely laughable. You should be ashamed of yourselves, and you are lucky he's not an American with a libel lawyer on permanent stand-by.

In the course of several years' acquaintance with him in ODP/DMOZ, Resource-Zone and other forums (I'm sure by now many readers will have guessed who it is), I formed the impression of a sincere and honest person who not only enjoys spending some of his leisure time on the Open Directory Project, but cares enough to try to answer other people's questions about it, however repetitive they may be. And I was right. He is and he does, with far more grace and patience than I can ever aspire to.
Not only that, but he correctly guessed the way I might like to spend a day with him, thoughtfully providing me with an assortment of dogs to fuss over, a wonderful pub lunch, a quirky English folk site to visit, and a marvellous walk along an empty ridge with views for miles.
As we used to say around here: I "dips me lid" to you.

... And yes, I am repeating to myself every day "It's only a hobby. It's only a hobby."
I'll let you know if it works. ;-)

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