July 29, 2009

Onya Ron!

A brief post in tribute to someone who shall remain anonymous, but of whom I am in awe.
As I have previously mentioned, I spend an hour each week as a volunteer tutor in a free adult literacy programme, and for the last 6 months I've been delighted to work with Ron. After developing an unfortunate medical condition several years ago, he has to rely mainly on written communication, which was next to impossible due to his lack of confidence with spelling, grammar and punctuation.

But through a combination of courage, dedication, and a keen interest in reading books by good authors, he has gained enough knowledge and confidence to start writing his own stories. This week I tentatively suggested he might like to start a blog to present his creativity to a wider world, and I cannot describe my delight when he instantly agreed.
So now he is out there in the internet, and I am sure he will derive immense pleasure from seeing his words on the screen, when only a few months ago he found it hard to write even a sentence or two.

He has given me permission to link to his blog, called "Ronsworld". It is very early days for him, but what a long way he has come in a short time. I am honoured to know him.

[For those unfamiliar with Aussie slang, the title is a contraction of "Good on you, Ron". A heartfelt salute.]

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